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OUR ONLY LIMITATION IS OUR OWN IMAGINATION, we look forward to hearing your unique idea.

Terms and Conditions

We are happy to offer custom projects to help our clients bring their visions to reality. All custom orders require 50% down at time of order and all orders will take at minimum 90 days for turn around unless otherwise agreed upon in writing. Once order is placed we require 50% deposit backed with a valid credit card. All change orders must be submitted in writing and client will be billed according to time and materials. If customer decides to cancel their order after order has been placed they will forfeit their deposit. Furthermore Oregon Chainsaw Sculptures,LLC has the right to cancel any order at any time. If custom order is canceled by OCS,LLC the clients deposit will be refunded in full within 30days. If the customer refuses to collect their deposit within 30 days they will forfeit the entire deposit and their custom project.


Failure to pick up custom orders, clients will be charged $10 per day if they fail to retrieve their custom project and after 45 days the clients deposit will be forfeited and the custom order will revert to the ownership of Oregon Chainsaw Sculptures, LLC and offered up for sale to compensate any losses sustained.

Shop rate is $100/ hr

On site rate/Installations is $185/hr

Deliveries are $1/mile + hourly rates for shipping and handling

Refunds, Returns, Warranties:

Oregon Chainsaw Sculptures, LLC. will allow returns on purchased product excluding custom orders at discretion of OCS,LLC within 72hrs of purchase, there will be a restocking fee of 20%. Refunds on deposits are covered in above statement. All wood products are made from natural living material and therefore cannot be covered by any guarantee or warranty. Wood left outside will age, wear, crack and may rot, wood species selection may mitigate or slow some of these variables. Cracking, checking and movement will be expected and amplified if left outside, keeping wood away from the ground will slow decay. Once work is received and or paid for client is accepting responsibility for future care, maintenance and limitations of material. OCS, LLC makes no claim of warranty or guarantee as this would be impossible to predict the numerous variables wood is exposed to when left outdoors. If wood is altered in any fashion this further complicates the issue of wear and tear. Please discuss adding your new purchase to your insurance carrier for at least double the initial cost as overtime materials and services cost more as time passes. 


Consignee relationships may be terminated at anytime without notice. If a consignee wishes to terminate the agreement they must do so in writing and give 30days notice in writing, consignee members are responsible for the pricing,  hanging and naming of their artwork. they are also responsible for any repairs that arise from their pieces originated by the purchaser. OCS,LLC is not responsible for any litigation that arises from custom orders, furthermore all pieces are sold as is, repairs can be arranged at clients expense, shipping and handling is the responsibility of the purchaser.

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