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I would've never believed that I would be so blessed to have an occupation I truly love. I enjoy seeing peoples eyes light up when they see a piece of my art that they enjoy. I am always interested in pushing my art as far as I can. I am a Native Oregonian who takes a lot of joy in the fact that all of my wood is urban removed and therefore saved from the fireplace essentially.  I harvest what would otherwise be disposed of and give it a second life being enjoyed by many people.
A Reverence for Wood

“The century of magnificent awareness preceding the Civil War was the age of wood. Wood was not accepted simply as the material for building a new nation - it was inspiration.  Gentle to touch, exquisite to contemplate, tractable in creative hands, stronger by weight than iron, wood was, as William Penn had said, 'a substance with a soul.'  It spanned rivers for man; it built his home and heated it in the winter; man walked on wood, slept in it, sat on wooden chairs at wooden tables, drank and ate the fruits of trees from wooden cups and dishes.  From cradle of wood to coffin of wood, the life of man was encircled by it.”
Eric Sloane
A Reverence for Wood

Artist Bio

I am a native Oregonian who found the love of  woodcarving in my late Twenties. I was never very artistic but woodworking came very naturally to me.


I started hand-carving in March, 2009 and quickly found myself very occupied with a new hobby. I enjoy the whole process from the beginning to the end product that comes from a little inspiration and a lot of hard work. After a chance encounter with a chainsaw sculptor, I was invited to learn over the last year by Toby Johnson and shown how to turn what used to be a hobby into a profession.


My Wife and I stepped out on faith and started Oregon Chainsaw Sculptures, LLC. in Sept, 2009 and haven’t looked back. I believe that I have been given a gift from God, and before I start each project I pray for the Lord to direct my hand.


Because of this God given gift, we have come up with a “Pay-it-forward business model”. We believe in serving others with our gift and we do this by giving back.


Most recently we have donated a Black Walnut Eagle to the P.V.A. in hopes to raise money for the paralyzed and disabled troops that have served so bravely. We are donating 10% of all future orders of the Veteran’s Eagle Series back to the V.A. to help out with supporting our troops.


I have always had an interest in the Native Peoples of North America and when I was asked to donate a piece to the N.W. Natives Club I was honored. this summer, we are donating a 15ft totem pole to the N.W. Natives Club at Chemeketa Community College.


David Hillesland

30 years old

Favorite sculptor-Michelangelo

Inspiration-Jesus Christ


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